How long do I have to wait before my order is shipped?
Race Seats produces many styles in hundreds of different seats by hand. However, it is extremely illogical to stock everything. We know, no one likes to wait, neither do we, but the good news is that since everything is made in-house, we are able to produce the seat covers quickly and efficiently. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for manufacturing. Depending on production volume, we may be quicker than 2 weeks but can also take longer than 2 weeks. Please feel free to contact us regarding your order time. Custom orders will depend on the complexity of the order and on our custom order work load. We know this is longer than the usual goodies you purchase online, but it is well worth the wait!

How do I maintain my RACE SEATS seat cover?
Race Seats non-slip and leatherette materials
• Wash with mild soap and water and rinse. Wipe off any remaining excess water with a clean chamois.
• For stubborn stains, take a nylon bristled toothbrush and use mild soap and water and work the area in a circular motion. Repeat until stain has been removed.
• Do not use any kind of store bought cleaners as the seat cover could become slippery making it unsafe to operate a motorcycle.

Race Seats Suede:
• Use a clean soft nylon bristled brush to quickly remove dust off suede
• Wash your bike like you usually would with mild soap and water and rinse
• Soak up excess water with chamoise or sponge and allow 15 minutes of air drying under the sun
• Do not allow the suede to stay wet and dry out on its own
• Do not allow suede to sit under the sun all year round uncovered
• Following these steps should ensure long life of your Race Seats suede seat cover