Race Seats is able to give a Custom Racing seat service for amateurs and competitive level.

Racing seat is Top of our handmade production, many year of experience are brought the seat quality and materials selection at the best level for each track conditions.

Race Seats makes seats with different shapes and thickness, more other accessories like rear pads and tank pads.

Our staff is at your disposal for:
- Replacement (with a new one) of damaged cover for OEM seats providing a sample or drawing, made with non-slip materials good for track use
- Padding replacement, handmade work using light rigid sponge shaped on customer's requests
- Thickneess and shape modify (lower/taller) and HDM covering
- Integrated stopper modify

Race Seats offers you a wide range of items to customize the appearance and comfort of your seat from the choice of covering/finishing to the decorative elements like Team logo and persanal name/number embroidery.

We give shape to YOUR IDEAS
Thanks to our great experience we are able to produce prototypes of seatings for every need.
We carry out design and prototyping:
- padding
- carbon-fibre and fiberglass seat base
- complete motorcycle seats handmade

We use only high quality materials, paddings are 100% handmade.
Find below our best materials available:

- Neoprene: is a pretty hard, non-slip material, no cover needed, 100% waterproof, usually used for racing seats.
- Light rigid sponge: hard and very good for competitions and racing use, it must be covered with 3mm of the new high-density mousse, for very techal seats.
- On demand the new material used from SBK, MOTO GP, MOTO2, MOTO3 riders, 3mm layer of high-density mousse to cover light rigid sponge seats or OEM seats, the best for racing and competitions use, more grip and consumption resistance, good on the wet conditions.

- Fibreglass seat base
- Carbon-fibre seat base

Cover materials available:


ENERGY Is a new high non-skid material.
COLOURS AVAILABILITY: black, red, blue, green

GRIPIs the most famous non-skid material used for racing motorbikes.

STREET NEOPRENE Is a beautiful actractivness material used to give a racing-elegant effect.

PIA Is a beautiful actractivness material.



Works timing and prices, are estimated on materials and customer's requirements.
To get an offer please contact us by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.